At S4 Benefits our model is simple....our success is based on yours.

We are a team of professionals, backed by years of experience and dedicated to your success.  The S4Benefits team has exceptional attention to detail and commitment to superior service, that puts us far ahead of any other GA in the market.

We have assembled a Customer Service and Account Management team whose #1 goal is to differentiate from the competition with a dedication to simplified service. S4 understands you need more time to generate business - we make it easier for you and your success  becomes ours.

S4 is focused in supporting agents and firms. The goal of S4 is to provide a timely and focused solution for your small group clients. S4 wants to be your solution and a trusted resource to meet your specific challenges.

Given the opportunity, S4 will demonstrate the difference.


Sonya Wynecoop

Sonya Wynecoop

Sonya is your Lead Contact

Sonya works as an Implementation Coordinator for S4 Benefits.